Little Sisters Fund | Little Sisters Excel Despite Pandemic Ups and Downs
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Little Sisters Excel Despite Pandemic Ups and Downs

Little Sisters Excel Despite Pandemic Ups and Downs

Girls in Classroom

As Nepal continues to struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic, the news from our staff in Nepal and the Little Sisters continues to be mixed but hopeful. Nepal has just recently re-entered a countrywide lockdown which means schools are once again closed. Prior to school closings, the Little Sisters had enjoyed a few months of a partial return to “normal” with classes taking place in person and small gatherings with family and friends. We were even able to finally celebrate our 2020 graduates (picture above). Once again, we are incredibly proud of all the work they have put into their years of education and are excited to see them continue on their path to becoming doctors, nurses, engineers and more!

With all the ups and downs of the past few months, LSF’s Nepal Team and Coordinating Mentors have remained steadfast in their commitment to overseeing the well-being of each and every Little Sister. We are incredibly grateful to them for their dedication and to you for your continued support and belief in the Little Sisters.


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Engineers Abound

Throughout much of Nepali society, engineering is seen as a “male” job. Young women who express an interest in these occupations can face ridicule and discrimination from their peers, family, friends and society as a whole. Yet, amazingly, multiple Little Sisters are taking on these challenges and following their dreams to become engineers. Eight of LSF’s 2020 graduates are pursuing higher education degrees in architectural, civil, biomedical, electrical and aerospace engineering.

Swecha will be studying architectural engineering at Pulchowk Engineering College in Kathmandu on a full scholarship.

“It has been my dream to become an architect since I was in 6th grade. I worked hard and was fortunate to get the scholarship which will allow me to make my dreams a reality,” Swecha said. “I am in this position now because of LSF and I will always be grateful for the opportunity they gave me to get a good education.” 

Bhawana will also be attending Pulchowk Engineering College. She will be studying Aerospace Engineering.

“Many people said I should not study engineering. They believe it is just for boys and definitely not a cup of tea for girls. I was sad after listening to these stereotypes but the encouragement from LSF and my family helped me choose to stand out from the crowd and achieve my dream,” Bhawana told us. “If I hadn’t been part of LSF my life would have been completely different. I am really grateful to LSF for everything; the education, knowledge and the encouragement. Yet I still have a lot to do and I know I must work hard.  As Robert Frost wrote,’‘I have promises to keep / And miles to go before I sleep.'”

New Little Sister Profile: Mina


Mina’s family comes from an area of the Gorkha district in Nepal which was devastated during the 2015 earthquake. After being unable to find work in Nepal that would support his family, Mina’s father went to Saudia Arabia. He is only able to send a small portion of his earnings home to support his family. Mina’s mother works as a cleaning lady to help with the household expenses but it is not enough to cover the school fees for Mina and her brother.

Mina, who is 6 and entering 1st grade, loves to play and study English and Nepali. She hopes to be a nurse one day. If you or someone you know is interested in sponsoring Mina and becoming an important role model and pen pal in her life, please reach out to Trevor at [email protected]

Once a Little Sister, Always a Little Sister

Little Sisters sponsoring Little Sisters is one of our proudest accomplishments! Currently, ten LSF alumni are fully sponsoring their own Little Sisters and over 40 are partially supporting younger Little Sisters. We couldn’t be happier to see our graduates’ commitment to paying it forward to ensure access to education for a new generation of Little Sisters! Click here to read the stories of these amazing alumnae and see how their education has impacted their lives.

Make Your Birthday a Day to Remember

Did you know you can support Little Sisters Fund by setting up a birthday fundraiser on Facebook? It’s easy and you can make an enormous difference in the lives of the Little Sisters.

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