Little Sisters Fund | Overview
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Poverty is multidimensional. So is our approach.

Long-term scholarships protect economically disadvantaged girls from child trafficking, child marriage and child labor. Through our supplemental programs we deliver the multi-dimensional support that ensures girls thrive through the end of school and beyond.

Educated, empowered, independent women, in turn, transform their communities from the inside out.

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Long-Term Scholarships

Scholarships remove the economic burden of schooling on poor families. Little Sisters Fund works with partner schools to identify at-risk girls in the community, then covers tuition, books, supplies, and uniform costs.


Our approach is holistic, but anchored in education

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Holistic Support

Scholarship programs ensure girls’ safety by through access to education, but access alone is rarely enough to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty. Comprehensive supporting programs create an environment that nourishes empowerment, independence, and leadership.


Basic Educator Training: With the goal of improving overall quality of education, this program helps teachers move beyond rote memorization and teacher-centered instruction to incorporate more critical thinking and child-focused methods in their classrooms. Pre-training evaluation and thorough follow-up visits over the course of a year ensure that new strategies are fully adopted.

Mobile Libraries: Coordinating Mentors carry small collections of books back and forth between Kathmandu and the more distant schools on their regular visits. Thus, even girls in remote areas have access to a constantly changing library of books for enjoyment and enrichment.


Coordinating Mentors: Young female leaders who have graduated from our program serve as role models, and community liaisons while monitoring the progress of Little Sisters.


Counseling and Awareness Raising: Our Counseling & Awareness Raising program addresses challenges girls may face socially and also helps to educate parents, teachers, and the community on how they can support girls’ education and rights. Topics covered include child marriage, women’s rights, and how to identify and avoid potential traffickers, among others.

Menstrual Health Management – Keeps girls in school by providing Little Sisters of menstruating age with the health education and feminine hygiene supplies necessary to feel confident about their periods and to break the taboo of menstruation which still exists in many Nepali communities.


Preventative Healthcare: Little Sisters Fund provides basic preventative healthcare (e.g. multivitamins and deworming) as well as health and sanitation education. Little Sisters Fund can also provide financial assistance in case of emergency.

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