Little Sisters Fund | Health
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Healthy children learn better. Healthy children are happier.

Health, Hygiene and Sanitation Education

Knowledge is power, and a girl who knows about her body is empowered to make decisions about her body. Little Sisters Fund staff and Coordinating Mentors lead monthly educational sessions that cover topics such as healthy eating, personal hygiene, disease prevention, and body changes.

We also provide girls with basic supplies such as soap, nail clippers, and sanitary pads.

Basic Preventive Healthcare

Little Sisters Fund supplies girls with deworming medication and multi-vitamins to keep them healthy. When necessary, we can also provide regular vaccinations.

Emergency Support

Where resources are scare, a sudden illness or injury can be devastating. On a case-by-case basis, Little Sisters Fund is able to offer support for medical treatment such as appendicitis or a broken bone.

Support for Differently-Abled Girls

We believe all children have the right to learn. Physical challenges, such as the effects of polio or spina bifida, can add an extra layer of marginalization and disadvantage for girls already facing gender bias and economic poverty. Little Sisters Fund considers such factors in our selection process and is proud to support a number of differently-abled girls.

Woman teaches sanitation education for Little Sisters Fund
Little Sisters Fund offer suport for medical treatment

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