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The road from impoverished to empowered is not an easy one. It helps to have a guide who will walk beside you.

Every month our sister, the School Coordinator comes to see us and helps in all the steps including the letter writing. So I do not feel lonely. I do not feel my mother’s absence. I can do everything without fear. LSF helped to take my life into a bright future. Now I can fight with anything. I don’t want to live my life in violence. I learnt to fight against violence.

— Akina, grade 9

Key to Success: Committed Mentors

School Coordinators are typically graduated “Little Sisters” who are in university or employed professionally. They have a desire to give back to their communities and country, shape the future of LSF as an organization, and share the knowledge they have gained along their challenging journeys to become educated, employed, and empowered female leaders.

This program simultaneously builds their leadership skills and also provides Little Sisters with the role models they all too often lack. School Coordinators are visible proof to younger girls (not to mention their families and communities) that hardworking girls from disadvantaged backgrounds can do amazing things if given the opportunity.

From their  “big sisters,” younger girls learn to stand up for their rights, care for others, and work hard to reach the highest academic standards. Having travelled the same path out of poverty, it is often our School Coordinators who are best able to recognize when a younger girl is at risk—whether from a trafficker promising “employment,” an abusive teacher, or simply the confusion of adolescence—and address the problem proactively.

A little girl reading a book - Little Sisters Fund

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