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The road from impoverished to empowered is not an easy one. It helps to have a guide who will walk beside you.

Every month our sister, the Coordinating Mentor comes to see us and helps in all the steps including the letter writing. So I do not feel lonely. I do not feel my mother’s absence. I can do everything without fear. LSF helped take my life into a bright future. Now I can fight for anything. I don’t want to live my life in violence. I learned to fight against violence.

— Akina, grade 9

Key to Success: Committed Mentors

Coordinating Mentors are typically graduated Little Sisters who are in university or employed professionally. They have a desire to give back to their communities and country, shape the future of LSF as an organization, and share the knowledge they have gained along their challenging journeys to become educated, employed, and empowered female leaders.

This program simultaneously builds their leadership skills and also provides Little Sisters with the role models they all too often lack. Coordinating Mentors are visible proof to younger girls (not to mention their families and communities) that hardworking girls from disadvantaged backgrounds can do amazing things if given the opportunity.

From their  “big sisters,” younger girls learn to stand up for their rights, care for others, and work hard to reach the highest academic standards. Having travelled the same path out of poverty, it is often our Coordinating Mentors who are best able to recognize when a younger girl is at risk—whether from a trafficker promising “employment,” an abusive teacher, or simply the confusion of adolescence—and address the problem proactively.

A little girl reading a book - Little Sisters Fund

Meet the CMs:


Bindhaya is the first girl who inspired Trevor and Usha to start the LSF so that other Nepali underprivileged girls like her can get an education. Bindhaya was born in 1987 in a poor family in Kathmandu. Bindhaya had a dream of going to school with a book bag, wearing school uniform and shoes. LSF started supporting Bindhaya when she was in 6th grade in 1998. She passed SLC scoring 63.75% and did three years Bachelors in Nursing scoring 77.81%.  She graduated from our program in 2005 and is a nurse at Nepal’s top hospital.


Bindhaya has been an LSF Coordinating Mentor since 2007. She mentors over 40 Little Sisters in two schools outside Kathmandu. Bindhaya married when she was 27 and has two beautiful children. She has also paid it forward by sponsoring the education of a younger Little Sister who is following in Bindhaya’s footsteps and recently joined nursing school on a full scholarship. Bindhaya feels proud to help little sisters and is particularly proud that the Little Sister she sponsored is following in Bindhaya’s footsteps.

Ranjana started to work as a Coordinating Mentor in 2007 and takes care of about 65 girls in two schools. She graduated from LSF in 2003. Despite facing hardship, Ranjana completed  her studies with a Bachelor in Education. She used to teach in a Montessori School, and recently opened her own Montessori school. She feels proud and satisfied to help other little sisters like her. She gives her best to change the life of Little Sisters who were like her.

Ranjana was born in 1981 in a so-called Dalit (untouchable) family in Tanahun district. Her father Harka Bahadur Nepali is a retired teacher and mother Chulu Maya Nepali died a few years ago. She has two siblings: one older brother is a cinematographer and one younger sister who is a teacher in a private school. Her parents valued their children’s education. They worked hard to put all three children in a government school on a mountain top, which was more than one hour’s walk for little Ranjana.  She was the second among the three; she climbed up and down the mountain every day holding her sibling’s hand. Her mother’s health was not good so her grandfather insisted for Ranjana’s early marriage and the family arranged it. She was married at the age of 15 with a cadet in the Nepal Army, who grew up in an orphanage. Ranjana has one son and one daughter and is a bright shining star in our community. She is highly respected and an inspiration to all the younger Little Sisters.



LSF started supporting Anima in 2000 when she was in 6th grade.  Anima graduated in 2008. Anima started to work as a Coordinating Mentor in 2007 and mentors 40 little sisters in two schools. She feels tremendous satisfaction helping other little sisters like her. She is 100% committed to guiding her little sisters. She is an English teacher in one of our partner Schools, Indrawati Public School.

Anima was born in 1989 in a Brahmin family. Her father Krishna Prasad Bhattrai is a cook in the hostel of the Teaching Hospital and her mother Sabitri Bhattrai is a cleaner in the same hospital. Her parents had difficulties sending her to school. Anima is an active girl and was very eager to work. After graduation she studied for a Bachelors in Humanities with English as her major. After completing her Bachelors, she went on to complete her Masters. She is married and has a five year old son. Anima’s husband is an auditor. Anima is respected by her peers and all the Little Sisters. She is a true example of what a girl can achieve when given an opportunity.

Sudha started to work as a Coordinating Mentor in 2013 and mentors 24 little sisters in two schools. LSF started to support her in 2009 and she graduated in 2014.

Sudha was born in 1995, in a Newar family. Her father Sudarshan Buddhacharya is a construction laborer and her mother Sannani Buddhacahrya is a housewife. She has two siblings: one elder sister who is already married and one younger brother studying in Grade 11. Her parents are from Gokarneshwor, in the Kathmandu valley. They did not have permanent jobs and were facing difficulty to send their three children to school.  Sudha is an intelligent girl and eventually she completed her BBS (Bachelor in Business Studies) from Kanya Campus (Girls College) in 2018. She is currently waiting for the results. She recently started working in a private office as a receptionist and is contributing and supporting her family. Sudha is an outgoing, kind, well spoken and generous young woman. She takes outstanding care of her Little Sisters.


Hima started working as a Coordinating Mentor in 2015 and mentors 30 Little Sisters in two schools. Hima’s goal is to become a social worker. She is very proud to be a big sister and is a very dynamic Coordinating Mentor.  LSF started supporting Hima when she was in kindergarden in 2002 and she graduated in 2015.

Hima was born in 1997 in a Tamang Community. Her father Lal Bahadur Tamang is a carpenter and her mother Man Maya Tamang is a housewife. She has four siblings: one elder brother is a supervisor in a cleaning office and another is trying to go abroad for work. Her elder sister is married and the other is working in a private company.  Her parents are from Kavre District and are separated. With four children, Hima’s parents faced many financial difficulties in sending their children to school. Hima is very bright. She completed her BSW (Bachelor in Social Work) in 2018 and is waiting for the results. She chose to study social work because she wants to help people in need. Hima wants to be an independent, contributing member of society and also wants to help her family economically in the future. She is planning to get her masters in Psychology.

Alisha started to work as a Coordinating Mentor in 2018 and mentors 25 Little Sisters in two Schools. She is deeply committed to her work as a coordinating mentor.

LSF started to support Alisha in 2009 when she was  in 4th grade. She graduated in 2018. Alisha was born in 1999 in the culturally endangered Jirel Community. Her father Dhan Bahadur Jirel is a carpenter and her mother Devi Jirel is a laborer. They are from the Dolakha District. She has one older brother. Her father abandoned them, so she, along with her mother and brother, stayed together in Kathmandu in a one room rental. Her father did not provide support of financial assistance of any kind, so her mother faced many difficulties raising and educating her children. Alisha is a quiet and intelligent girl. She is shy, but thoughtful. She started to study BPH (Bachelor in Public Health) on a full scholarship from Purbanchal University. She wants to be independent and lighten the load on her mother, as her mother works so hard and has given everything to raise Alisha and her brother. 


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