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Basic Educator Training

The inconsistent quality of schooling and lack of socio-emotional support for learners is one reason for the high rate of drop-out in Nepal. In 2013 we started a Primary Educator Training Program (PET) focused on primary level teachers (classes 1-5) in Little Sisters Fund partner schools. In 2019, this program was expanded into Basic Educator Training (BET) which trains teachers in grades 1-8.

Teaching in Nepal often focuses on rote memorization. We augment current teaching techniques with more child-focused and multi-sensory classroom methods that encourage analytical and critical thinking and group learning. Every year we augment the teaching skills of hundreds of teachers. Considering that each teacher interacts with 30, 50, 70 or even 100+ students in a day, this is an extremely cost-effective means to facilitate education, curiosity and the love of learning in the early school years.

Educator training Little Sisters Fund

Before, we had the candles and also the matchsticks with us but did not know how to light the candle. Now because of the PET training we can light it and dispel the darkness.

— Partner School Principal

Mobile libraries for Little Sisters Fund

Resource Center & Mobile Libraries

Our office in Kathmandu houses a resource center and small library, which is a wonderful resource for the girls in the Kathmandu Valley who can easily check out and return books. But what about the girls outside of the valley? In 2014, we started a new Mobile Libraries program in which our Coordinating Mentors and staff carry small collections of books back and forth between Kathmandu and the more distant schools on their regular visits.  This way, girls in remote areas have access to a constantly changing library of books for enjoyment and enrichment.

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