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Paying It Forward

Once a Little Sister, Always a Little Sister

Little Sisters sponsoring Little Sisters is one of our proudest accomplishments!  Once Little Sisters graduate and become financially stable, they are encouraged to support the education of a younger Little Sister. We are incredibly proud of these alumni and supporters as they champion the efforts of girls in Nepal on their paths to becoming educated and empowered young women. Their support makes a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of Little Sisters for generations to come.

Sagarmatha (Platinum Level)


Bindhaya Sharma
Little Sister since 1998

Bindhaya, LSF’s first Little Sister, graduated with a technical degree in nursing in 2005. She now works as a nurse at Dhulikel Hospital, one of the top hospitals in Nepal. Bindhaya is currently a Coordinating Mentor overseeing 40 Little Sisters and since 2011 has given part of her earnings back to LSF to “pay it forward” by sponsoring additional Little Sisters. Bindhaya’s first Little Sister, Ashmita, is following in Bindhaya’s footsteps and graduates nursing school in mid-2021. Bindhaya has recently started sponsoring her second Little Sister, Pooja.

Kanchenjanga (Gold Level)


Aakriti Bhandari
Little Sister since 2005

Aakriti graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Biochemistry and Neuroscience in May 2018 from Centenary College of Louisiana. She is currently working as a bio-chem research assistant at Columbia University Medical Center. Aakriti began sponsoring her Little Sister in 2021.


Kriti Hada
Little Sister since 2003

Kriti graduated Cum Laude with a bachelors of Nursing degree from Shenandoah University in Winchester, VA Class of 2017.  She is currently working as a Registered Nurse in the Neurosurgical unit at Winchester Medical Center. Kriti began sponsoring her Little Sister in 2017.


Tripta Poudyal
Little Sister since 1999

Tripta holds masters degrees in Business Administration, Accounting and Social Work. Like so many Little Sisters, she has chosen to help others as her life’s work. Tripta lives in Australia with her husband and young daughter. Tripta began sponsoring her Little Sister in 2020.


Babita Kushwaha
Little Sister since 1999

Babita completed her masters of Social Work in Sydney, Australia. She is currently working at a Community Center in Canberra. Babita began sponsoring her Little Sister in 2020.


Sapana Ojha
Little Sister since 2010

Sapana graduated from Shenandoah University in 2017 with bachelors in public health and minor in environmental science. She currently works as a learning management systems analyst at Public Health Foundation in Washington, DC. Sapana began sponsoring her Little Sister in 2021.

Shusma Pant
Little Sister since 2005

Shusma graduated from the University of California, Irvine in March 2020 with a bachelors degree in Social Science and Pre-Law. She is currently working as an IT Support Engineer. Shusma began sponsoring her Little Sister in 2015.


Nikita Devkota
Little Sister since 2003

Nikita has a degree in Social Justice and Human Rights. She is currently in the process of starting her own small business and working as a consultant for an immigration law firm. Nikita began sponsoring her Little Sister in 2021.


Shukla Acharya
Little Sister since 2000

Shukla received her diploma in engineering and is currently working as a supermarket manager in Colorado. Shukla began sponsoring her Little Sister in 2021.


Anupama Shree Dhamala
Little Sister since 1999

Anupama received her bachelors degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Kathmandu University. She completed a masters in Measurement and Control Engineering from Idaho State University in 2019 and is currently working on a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Boise State University. Anupama began sponsoring a Little Sister in 2021.

Dhaulagiri (Silver Level)

Aastha Bajracharya | Manisha Maharjan

Manaslu (Bronze Level)

Anju Acharya | Chandrakala Adhikari | Poonam Bashyal | Anima Bhattrai | Sudha Budhcharya | Alisha Jirel | Kabita Kafle | Pratima Kunwar | Sabita Thapa Magar | Ranjita Mahat | Ranjana Nepali | Rojika Pokharel | Shakuntala Poudel | Aliza Rayamajhi | Ganga Subedi | Hima Tamang


Social Workers

Devi Acharya | Laxmi Gupta | Bharati Khanal | Swosthani Koirala | Mamata Mahato | Phulmaya Nepali | Prativa Shrestha

LSF/E4E Nepal Team Staff Members

Usha Acharya | Sangita Adhikari | Juni Kiran Chaudhary | Indira Chaulagain | Yashoda Dhakal | Januka Khatiwada | Kal Bahadur Lama | Neeti Sherpa | Susmita Shrestha | Trimuna Siwakoti | Ramesh Wagle

Endowment Funds

D. K. Yoshida Endowment Fund-1 Little Sister | Kamala Endowment Fund-3 Little Sisters

Donations of any size make a meaningful difference