Little Sisters Fund | The End of One Journey, The Beginning of Another: Nisha’s Story
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The End of One Journey, The Beginning of Another: Nisha’s Story

The End of One Journey, The Beginning of Another: Nisha’s Story

“You may now begin to board plane QR0645,” I heard as I prepared for the first flight of my life. My heart raced with each passing minute as I anxiously awaited my turn to board. When the plane soared into the sky, a flood of emotions—enthusiasm, anticipation, and nervousness—overwhelmed me. That flight represented a young girl’s dream becoming reality.

Nisha_youngI was born in a small yet naturally blessed village in southern Nepal and spent my early childhood under the loving care of my grandparents. Life took a drastic turn when my family moved to Kathmandu—the city of opportunity for Nepalese. Neither of my parents had the chance to complete their schooling due to poor economic conditions. Consequently, after moving to Kathmandu, they faced challenges in sustaining our livelihood while paying to educate my sister and me. That’s when Little Sisters Fund stepped in, supporting our education up to 12th grade. With LSF’s support, I was able to focus more on my studies and worry less about our financial situation. LSF’s assistance not only covered my educational expenses but also fueled my determination to become an independent woman.

Later, my father had to return to our hometown to care for my elderly grandparents. Though my grandparents urged our family to move back to the village, my parents resisted and my mother stayed in Kathmandu so my sister and I could continue our education. Consequently, my mother assumed the role of the sole breadwinner. Bearing the burden of major responsibilities took a toll on her mental health pushing her into severe depression. Despite her declining physical and mental well-being, she persevered, continuing to work. Witnessing her struggle amid societal stigmas surrounding mental health in Nepali society sparked my interest in psychology.

“We have arrived at Hamad International Airport,” the pilot announced upon landing. I was now set for another long flight to the USA—the land of opportunities and dreams. I explored the airport for a while before boarding the next flight, carrying with me enthusiasm, excitement, and a tinge of nervousness. The 14-hour flight felt like an eternity. Eventually, I dozed off, reflecting on the journey of my life, slowly drifting into a dreamy state.

It was a warm, sunny Saturday morning when I packed my bag with a notebook, pencil pouch, and a water bottle. At eight years old, holding my mother’s hand, I went to school. Saturdays, typically a weekend break, were letter-writing days for me instead. That was when Little Sisters gathered to write letters to their sponsors. I was one of them. With the guidance of my mentor, a ‘Didi’ (a Nepali word of respect for older female friends and relations), I wrote a letter to my sponsor from the USA while also learning about education, healthy habits, leadership, and confidence-building skills. I used to dream about living and studying in the United States someday.

I woke up as the air hostess brought food. After eating, I watched the clouds floating in the vast blue sky, a stage where endless possibilities reside. This reminded me of the time after I graduated high school from Kathmandu Institute of Science and Technology. I found myself like a cloud with an expansive sky ahead, filled with myriad possibilities. It was then that I was granted a remarkable opportunity—a full scholarship for my undergraduate studies at Keene State College in the United States. Their selection filled me with immense happiness.

Nisha1I believe the four years I spend in college will deepen my understanding of psychology, allowing me to make valuable contributions to society. I eagerly look forward to seizing every opportunity college has to offer. A college degree will empower me to make an impact in the realm of mental health issues, striving for improvement daily. This day has been a long-held dream, and now, walking on a path to become a bold, independent woman representing my country among many others, it feels as if I’ve woken up from a deep sleep, ready to embrace the bright day.

“Plane AA 8133 has landed at Boston Logan International Airport,” the announcement signaled my arrival. As I got off the plane, I realized that the end of this journey marked the beginning of a better one.

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