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Challenging Stereotypes and Creating Change

Challenging Stereotypes and Creating Change

TrevorInNepal_HeaderAfter three long years of COVID restrictions, I was finally able to return to Nepal in November 2022. Seeing the Nepal team and Little Sisters after such a long time, was truly remarkable. The smiles on the Little Sisters’ faces brought immense joy to my heart!

2022 was indeed a good year for so many reasons. 188 Little Sisters graduated and joined the ranks of LSF alumni. We expanded our programs to include a new Teacher Training Academy. Usha was able to visit the United States to meet with friends, family and supporters. And over 200 new Little Sisters were welcomed into the LSF family, were kept safe from child trafficking, child labor and child marriage, and were given the opportunity to become educated and empowered young women.

None of this would be possible without donors like you. We are immensely grateful for your support in 2022 and we can’t wait to continue partnering with you in 2023!


Teachers Training Teachers

TeacherTrainingGraduation2022_1In 2022, LSF ran a successful pilot of our new Teacher Training Academy. Eight LSF graduates took part in a three-month training program that focused on educational philosophy, child psychology and development, child-centered teaching methodologies, classroom management and subject-specific teaching techniques. In addition to theory-based learning, each of the teacher trainees were able to spend significant time in the classroom working with students under the supervision of experienced teachers at one of LSF’s partner schools. These young and enthusiastic teachers are now better equipped to educate and inspire their students and fellow teachers to reach beyond the rote memorization methods typical throughout much of the Nepali educational system.

Another session of the Teacher Training Academy is currently underway and we are excited about the opportunity we have to influence the Nepali education system in a very meaningful way. Providing training in updated, child-centered teaching methods and techniques will allow more teachers to encourage critical thinking, meaningful learning and practical application from their students. This in turn, will allow Little Sisters and their peers to bring about significant change in their schools, communities and country throughout their educational and adult lives.

New Little Sister Profile: Diya

DiyaAfter Diya’s parents got married 14 years ago, her father moved to Kathmandu in search of work while her mother stayed in their rural village in the Terai region of southeastern Nepal. When Diya and her brother were young, her father partnered with a friend to open a tea shop and brought his family to live with him in Kathmandu. After he closed his tea shop because of a lack of income, he started selling noodles in the street and Diya’s family’s financial situation went from bad to worse.

They had no regular source of income so Diya and her brother were almost forced to drop out of school because the family could not afford to pay tuition and fees for both of them. LSF stepped in to help support Diya’s education in 2022 when she was in 6th grade.

Diya is a sweet girl who loves going to school. After finishing her homework in the evening she helps her mother with household chores like cleaning and fetching water. She also likes to play badminton and volleyball and she loves to dance in her free time.

Nepal’s Record-breaking Female Mountaineers

FemaleMountaineerLooking for some inspiration? The Guardian produced an excellent photo essay chronicling the achievements of three Nepali female climbers who are breaking barriers and challenging stereotypes in the male-dominated mountaineering industry.

We love hearing stories of female empowerment and accomplishment from any and all areas within Nepal’s traditionally patriarchal society. As more girls and women challenge the social norms of Nepal, more girls will see what is possible and dream of all the things they can do too!



Other Ways to Support Little Sisters Fund


Become a monthly donor by setting up a recurring, monthly donation. Your monthly donation helps us plan for the future while giving you peace of mind knowing that your support is automated.



PlanAnEventIf you are interested in creating a fundraising event like a walkathon, fun run, birthday fundraiser or other peer-to-peer fundraising event, we can help with a customized donation page on our website.


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