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On to 2022!

On to 2022!

Despite all the ups and downs of the past year, 2021 was a hugely successful year for the Little Sisters in Nepal. Much of that is because of you, our incredible sponsors and supporters. Thanks to you we were able to go above and beyond our regular scholarship and complementary support programs to provide emergency assistance to all the Little Sisters as Nepal weathered multiple, extended COVID lockdowns. The leadership and dedication of the Nepal Team has been extraordinary. Our Coordinating Mentors were both persistent and creative as they met with and encouraged the Little Sisters while schools were closed. And, against all odds, the Little Sisters themselves have continued to excel academically and have achieved amazing exam results, graduated with distinction, matriculated to higher education and received scholarships at previously unheard-of rates, well above national averages. We cannot thank you enough for your continued support of our mission to provide social justice, safety, education and empowerment for at-risk girls in Nepal. On to 2022!

US-based Little Sisters Return to Nepal

Prava_Blog Minakshi_BlogAfter a long two years of flight restrictions, lockdowns and other COVID-related disruptions, five US-based Little Sisters were finally able to return to Nepal to visit family, friends and LSF’s Nepal Team.





Merisha_Blog Slesha_Mom_Blog Pratima_Blog

Unique Little Sister Sponsorship Opportunity: Priya

PriyanjaliTypically LSF starts sponsoring Little Sisters in the early elementary years. Earlier this week, Team LSF identified a dire situation and a unique sponsorship opportunity to bring a lasting change by providing safety, opportunity and hope to Priya for her high school years.

Priya’s family has consistently struggled to meet their basic needs, yet they have never given up the hope of providing a quality education for both their son and daughter.

Priya’s father moved to Kathmandu 20 years ago in search of a job. Family financial scarcity prevented him from completing his studies. He found a job driving a truck. One day while changing a flat, he was hit by another truck. After a long and difficult recovery, he started driving a private car as a part-time worker.

Because Priya’s parents have an inter-caste marriage, they have received little to no support from their families. It has been very difficult for them to take care of their basic needs and send two children to school.  Combined with the hardships of COVID, Priya was about to be forced to discontinue her studies. LSF learned about their situation and committed to supporting Priya’s education. Her parents are incredibly grateful.

Priya is in 9th grade and loves going to school and being with trustworthy friends with whom she can share her thoughts and feelings. Social Studies is her favorite subject as she likes to learn about other cultures and societies. With a love of cooking, Priya also likes to search Google for new tasty recipes.  She hopes to be a chef in the future.

Since she has only 4 years left of her education, $1500 of support will cover her schooling through 12th grade. Sponsoring Priya is an excellent opportunity for anyone with a middle or high schooler interested in developing a pen pal relationship with a similarly-aged Nepalese girl. If you or someone you know is interested in sponsoring Priya, please reach out to Trevor at [email protected].

Exam Results are In12th Grade Exam Results

Once again, Little Sisters did an amazing job! The 2020-21 academic year was full of challenges with multiple COVID lockdowns and virtual learning, but the Little Sisters persevered and as usual significantly outperformed national averages. We are incredibly proud of their hard work, dedication and commitment.

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