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Little Sisters Learn Leadership Skills with Women LEAD Nepal

Little Sisters Learn Leadership Skills with Women LEAD Nepal

Three Little Sisters recently completed a one-year leadership course provided by Women LEAD (Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Advocacy and Development) Nepal. This course is a great way for Little Sisters to build on LSF’s program of education and empowerment as it teaches young women in Nepal professional and personal skills such as public speaking, time management, team building and interview skills that will help them become leaders in their schools, workplaces and communities.

Here is how the Little Sisters described their Women LEAD experience in their own words.


Kishuda-BlogMy experience with Women LEAD has been incredible. It was so good to be around such amazing people and inspirational women. There were many ups and downs and challenges during this course, but after graduation I feel what I have accomplished is very important.  I have grown from being a shy and introverted girl into a confident and brave person. This has been my biggest achievement. I am so thankful to Women LEAD for giving me this opportunity. I was able to find myself and become more open-minded. There were times when I wanted to give up, but I didn’t. I am so happy I got a chance to meet such amazing and strong people on this journey.

 I  also taught a class to nine students. Teaching is another form of learning. It was fun to provide classes and I  learned a lot from them.

 Having a mentor who was also a co-leader was very inspiring. I have been blessed by Women LEAD and the main thanks goes to LSF/E4E for giving me this opportunity. Now I want to be more active and continue to grow so I can be a better person who fights for the rights of girls and women in Nepal. This experience will be a lifelong lesson.


Sadikshya-BlogBeing part of Women LEAD Nepal has been a great turning point in my life. First, I would like to thank the LSF family for letting me know about this great opportunity. I was very happy when I was selected to be among the 30 participants of the 2020 LEADERs. The biggest positive impacts for me were the public speaking, professional development and privilege sessions. I learned a lot of useful things from the very beginning like youth issues, connecting with people, understanding personality types, LGBTQ+ rights, etc. I also used the ideas from the Women LEAD sessions to give a short speech on the topic “Youth Issues and Reproductive Health” in my community school. My father was so proud at that time and his smile made me feel like I had achieved something amazing in my life.

 I used to feel nervous to speak up, but Women LEAD taught me to use my voice. I used to think that I was not good enough, but Women LEAD taught me that I can do many good things.  I learned to be more independent. I used to feel inferior all the time, but now I have gained the confidence I need to do something important with my life. This is the most productive program I have ever been a part of.


Sajina-BlogI recently attended the year-long Women LEAD course. First, I really want to thank LSF/E4E for recommending that I join Women LEAD. The whole journey of the LEAD Course was very intensive, transformative and definitely life changing. When I was applying for the LEAD Course I doubted whether I would be able to complete the course or not. But, I told myself, ‘If you want to do it, then you will do it’. Women LEAD supported me and motivated me to grow and become a better person.

 When the world was teaching me to be competitive, Women LEAD taught me to step back. When the world was teaching me to be aggressive, Women LEAD taught me to be kind and compassionate. It is important to have victory over the world. Where I used to look for perfection in everything, Women LEAD taught me that progress is more important than perfection. It’s ok to let go and start fresh. They taught me that mistakes can lead you to learn a lesson and you will grow through your mistakes. They taught me the difference between an outward mindset and an inward mindset. I have learned that our mindset drives us. Women LEAD taught me that the world looks more beautiful if you see it through an outward mindset. Developing an outward mindset is a matter of learning to see beyond yourself and that’s the secret to having a peaceful life.

 I have learned that life is a roller coaster. It is not easy at all and there are thousands of problems. I have learned to face those problems, embrace them and fight through them. I have learned that listening is more important than what you see but it is even more important to listen to yourself and follow your heart. We need to create our own self-identity and we are responsible for whatever happens to us. To see life’s magic we must first leave our comfort zone and step into the learning zone where one can grow. A ship in a harbor is safe but that is not what ships are built for. At Women LEAD I have learned the art of leadership through the followers’ eyes. I have learned to be a good follower before being a good leader. When you are a leader, your life is not only about you, it’s about the number of lives you have touched.

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