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Making an Impact Through Community Projects

Making an Impact Through Community Projects

The Community Projects Initiative has become a key pillar of the Little Sisters Fund. Little Sisters work in their community/school to develop their leadership abilities and management skills through projects that affect their community. They identify challenges facing their community, write proposals to address community needs, oversee the projects, evaluate, and report on the work done. This is a chance for inclusive participation, gaining confidence and leadership, and improving project management skills while making an impact in the world around them. Some of these projects have included establishing community/school libraries, science labs, potable water and purification projects, building child-friendly toilets, constructing meeting places, health awareness programs, the pavement of school assembly/playground areas, etc. Last year we accomplished 29 community projects. We also held 3 all-day training sessions in order to ensure projects were running effectively. We held one in Kathmandu and two in the field to train older Little Sisters on how to undertake and succeed in community projects.


A few of 2019’s projects were:

  • Accessible water for “untouchables”
    In the Tanahun district in the area of Bhanu Sanskrit School, there is a dalit (untouchable) community. The upper caste people of that community do not allow the dalit (untouchable) community to use the water. So this community was facing difficulties accessing clean drinking water. Through a project of constructing the water tank and the tap in that community, they are now able to get pure drinking water.  Over 500 people have benefited from this.


  • Science Labs
    One of the science lab projects was in Makwanpur. There was no place close to buy science equipment, thus they did not have a functioning lab to put into practice what they were learning about in class. Equipment was bought, transported and installed in the school. Students are now using the lab and putting theory into practice.

image2 image7
               Here is another photo of another installed science lab in another school, Dhulikhel Awasiya E B School:

  • Grounding Projects
    In the photo below at Mountainview EBS school, the project team bought the sand and cement as well as hired skilled workers. The team helped skilled workers by carrying materials and mixing sand and cement to provide for a stable patio at the school for the students to have a safe assembly area and space to play.
  • Libraries
    We helped install 8 libraries last year. Libraries are crucial for providing supplementary resources for Little Sisters and all students to learn. Library access has been proven to improve the quality of a child’s education. Books in English as well as in Nepali are provided, thus helping all students in their pursuit of knowledge and augmented language skills.
    image5 image6



LSF’s approach is multidimensional. While scholarships play and essential part in empowering Little Sisters, our supplementary health, mentoring, and educational programs support Little SIsters in a balanced manner helping to increase motivation, aptitude, and health both in the classroom and at home. Community Projects have grown into an important part of our mission. Community Projects impact not only the Little Sisters, but also the communities around them.

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