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LSF National Exams 2019 Results

LSF National Exams 2019 Results

Exam results are in for the Little Sisters! The Little Sisters again achieved success on the School Education Examination (SEE), which is a national exam taken by all 10th graders to enter 11th grade, as well as the 12th grade exam. All Little Sisters passed and excelled compared to national results. These girls are overcoming amazing odds and going on to become engineers, doctors, nurses, teachers, and other professions that will keep them safe, empowered and well prepared for personal and professional success later in life.

For this year’s SEE exam, 21 Little Sisters earned an A+, 55 earned an A, 48 earned a B+, and 39 earned a B on the SEE exam. For the 12th grade exam, 2 earned an A+, 18 earned an A, 39 earned a B+, 34 earned a B, 25 earned a C+, 16 earned a C, and 3 earned a D+. This means 82% of Little Sisters passed in the top 4 categories in the SEE exam, compared to only 38% nationally. With similarly impressive results on the 12th grade exams.  Great going Little Sisters!

Since 1998, we have kept over 2,900 girls in school who would have otherwise dropped out and gotten married at a young age, been engaged in child labor, or worse yet, fallen victim to sex trafficking. We are immensely grateful for everyone’s support that makes our work possible.

Congratulations to all the girls who have worked so hard to succeed! We are super proud of all the Little Sisters and know that with your support and their determination, amazing accomplishments are being realized.

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