Little Sisters Fund | Trevor’s Trip to Nepal, November 2019
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Trevor’s Trip to Nepal, November 2019

Trevor’s Trip to Nepal, November 2019

Trevor, LSF’s co-founder and co-executive director, visited Nepal recently from November 18-28. By all accounts, it was a busy and extremely productive trip.

IMG_3613Upon arrival, Trevor went straight to the office and met sponsors Kate, Steven, Makesh, and Metika. They had lunch and spent a very enjoyable afternoon together at the UNESCO world heritage site of Bouda (fondly known as the “Monkey Temple”).

That evening, Trevor met with good friend and trusted guide, Dendi to discuss specifics for the sponsor trip from March 21-28, 2020. Three open spots remain, so let Trevor know if you are interested in joining! (Get the details on the trip here.)

IMG_3623In the early afternoon on the second day, Trevor, Usha, and Little Sister Parbati went to Kathmandu Guest House in the tourist area Thamel of Kathmandu to meet Parbati’s sponsor, Heidi.

The next few days Trevor was busy discussing our programs with the Nepal team. He met with Sangita to discuss LSF’s Primary Educator Training program (PET). He also met with Trimuna to discuss LSF’s Preventative Health program, Community Projects, and to plan for FY 2020. He met with Juni to discuss general office matters, as well as LSF’s mobile library initiative. He met with Neeti, LSF’s Alumni Coordinator to discuss the Alumni Program and to plan for 2020. Additionally, Trevor met extensively with Ramesh, Yashoda and co-founder Usha on 2019 spending as well as the projected budget for 2020.

IMG_3598 (1)

Saturday was letter writing day where approximately 120 of the older Little Sisters (grades 8-11) came to write letters to their sponsors. It was fantastic seeing the girls all in one place–what an impressive group of young women smashing through cultural and gender barriers and setting new heights. Trevor spoke with these older girls about the importance of staying in school, focusing on their studies, and building individual careers. Focusing on these three things until they are at least 25 years old would be, as he said, the most important/impactful decisions of their lives.girl writing letter_ (1) The reason for this bold statement is that an educated young woman in Nepal with a career and earning potential is a vastly more empowered woman than another without a quality education, without a career, and without earning potential. Women in a disadvantaged situation are far less independent and often times have major life decisions dictated to them, rather than having a seat at the proverbial table. Having a strong education leads to girls making informed and empowered decisions about their major life decisions and life direction. 

IMG_3754On the final two days of Trevor’s trip, he met with LSF’s Coordinating Mentors who are HUGELY important to the day to day efforts of Little Sisters Fund. Coordinating Mentors are older girls who went through the program as Little Sisters, graduated, and are now serving as role models and mentors to groups of generally 25-40 younger Little Sisters in 21 districts in Nepal. The Coordinating Mentors are the most impressive group of young women you will ever meet. We are so grateful to all 28 of our Coordinating Mentors!

IMG_3711On the last day, Trevor took the entire Nepal team, plus Dr. Jayaraj Acharya (Chairman of the Nepali Board and former Nepalese Ambassador to the UN) out to a very fun lunch at Le Sherpa in Lazimpat.

Upon return, Trevor is happy to report that things are going extremely well with the Little Sisters and with LSF’s efforts in Nepal. The Little Sisters, now over 2,900 (2,000 current Little Sisters and over 900 graduates), are a remarkable group of young women, ages 6-36. We could not be prouder of the girls both individually and collectively as they grow, learn, lead, excel, and show deep concern, generosity, and compassion for the other Little Sisters, their families, their communities and the world as a whole. There is real magic going on with the Little Sisters in Nepal!

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