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Little Sisters excelled on 2017 School Education Examination

Little Sisters excelled on 2017 School Education Examination

This year’s School Education Examination (formerly the School Leaving Certificate) results are out and we could not be more thrilled to share with you all that the Little Sisters passed with flying colors! Many Little Sisters earned very top marks, all earned at least “Acceptable” grades, and overall the 166 Little Sisters who took the test performed much better than the national average. LSF more than tripled the national achievement rate for girls in each of the highest three categories!

All 10th graders in Nepal must take the School Education Examination (SEE) at the end of their 10th grade year to determine if they can continue their studies into 11th and 12th grade. Students must receive a passing grade in order to move forward. This year, 14 Little Sisters earned an A+, 45 earned an A, 49 earned a B+, and 25 earned a B. This means 80% of Little Sisters passed in the top 4 categories, compared to only 38% nationally. The remaining 20% of Little Sisters earned C+ or lower, which are also respectable results. (Nepal’s grading tends to be more stringent and marks are usually not as inflated as they are in the United States, for example.)

The Little Sisters not only beat the national averages, but they also excelled when compared to the scores of the rest of the girls in Nepal. The national imbalance of most girls scoring a C+ or lower on the SEE was not at all apparent in the Little Sisters’ results. In fact, it was the opposite! While almost 70% of Nepali girls scored in the bottom 5 categories (a C+ or lower), 80% of the Little Sisters scored in the top four categories (a B or higher). We flipped the trend on its head!

Congratulations to all girls on the very strong results after many years of diligent study! These results are especially impressive given the monumental challenges of the past year. And special congratulations to the 14 girls who earned A+. Less than 2.8% off all test-takers did that well! Way to go Suvechchha, Bijita, Sanskriti, Swopnil, Sanjima, Nirmala, Sunita, Nirmala, Samridhi, Apeachhya, Ridhima, Bhagawati, Pramila, and Manju!

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