Little Sisters Fund | Akina’s story
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Akina’s story

It’s me Akina R of Bhaktpur. Today I am going to tell you my story in short.

Life and death are natural rules, which we cannot eliminate.  This is the reason one unlucky girl was born in a poor family without her consent.  And, that girl is me. I do not know, maybe because of a past life’s sin I had to grow in this as punishment. My mom married with another man and left me behind.  I was three years old.

There was only my father to take care of me, but due to the social customs of my village my father was compelled for another marriage. Then I could not get parental love and care. My step-mom never loved me. I was treated as a servant of the house. Grazing the animals and cutting the grass was my daily routine. My father changed into a type of devil. My heart started breaking up. Pain and sorrow started filling my heart. So I learnt hate more than love.  I lived this way for seven years.

One day when I was returning home with a bundle of grass in my back, I saw big crowd in front of my house. I went inside the house and suddenly saw my mom.  That was the happiest moment of my life.  I couldn’t stop so I ran towards her. I hugged her. I was in a terrible condition. She could not look at me and tears started falling from her eyes.  She couldn’t speak a word.

My mother took me to Kathmandu, but her financial situation worsened. She used to work 24 hours straight. She started sending me to a school nearby. I was about to drop out while I was in Grade 3.  My future took a turn and LSF/UGESP rescued me. It started providing me good education. I am in the 9th Grade now because of this help.  I am dreaming to be successful in my life. I want to stand on my own feet.

My step-father is not serious in family matters. So our economic situation was worsening.  My mother decided to go to gulf country to find a job. I was in 7th Grade. It has been two years.  I am here with my two younger step-siblings. I have to look after them and be their guardian.  I feel alone. It is really hard. But because of the love and care from Usha Ama (“Ama” means “mother”) and other Didis (big sisters) in LSF/UGESP it is possible. Every month our sister, the School Coordinator comes to see us and helps in all the steps including the letter writing. So I do not feel lonely. I do not feel my mother’s absence. I can do everything without fear. LSF/UGESP helped to take my life into a bright future. Now I can fight with anything. I don’t want to live my life in violence. I learnt to fight against violence.

Now we have two mothers. One is the one who gave birth and the other, Usha Ama.  She loves us and cares for us and always supports us.  She motivates us to be a good person. She also teaches us what is right and what is wrong. So I want to thank her and all sisters and especially Punam Didi who is our SC in my school.  Punam Didi always takes care and asked us if there is any problem and tried to motivate, support and help in all. She is like our own sister, a friend and a family member.

I want to thank LSF/UGESP from the bottom of my heart. It is believed that future is written in fate by god but my god is LSF/UGESP. I feel now that I am a lucky girl.

(Akina, grade 9)

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