Little Sisters Fund | November Nepal Visit Recap
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November Nepal Visit Recap

In November, our US team visited Nepal to see the exciting work going on there. A few highlights:

2014 Alumni Meeting: About 50 Little Sisters Fund graduates gathered in late November to share smiles, updates, and their thoughts on how to continue to make positive changes in the situation for women and girls in Nepal. Our graduates are pursuing degrees in fields as diverse as bioengineering, nursing, psychology, and English. Others are working for NGOs, banks, schools, hospitals, and airlines. A few are mothers themselves now and ensuring that their children receive a quality education – proof that the cycle of illiteracy and poverty can be broken in one generation.

Annual Awards Day: This event honored and celebrated the talents and successes of girls in our School Scholarship Program. They sang, danced, recited poetry and impressed us with their trivia skills (quick: which acid aids human digestion?) before receiving awards for academic performance and the best essays.

Financial check-up: Our auditor from the US made an unannounced visit to the Nepal office, and we are pleased (though not surprised) that she found all of our finances and accounting to be ship-shape! Alison reviewed our financial records and processes, tracked sample transactions, and met with our Nepali auditor. We remain committed to the highest standards of transparency and financial integrity.

Our visit leaves us feeling inspired by the dedication of our staff, proud of the academic success of our students and the achievements of our alumni, and grateful for the financial and moral support of all of YOU, without whom our efforts would not be possible. Thank you!

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