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Tribisha’s Story

Tribisha’s Story

TribishaTribisha was born with the deck stacked against her. She was born with spina bifida and must use crutches and leg braces to walk. While it is clear that how her legs work does not affect her mind, in Nepal, any disability, and specifically one of this magnitude, can keep a girl out of school and cloistered or hidden away in the home. But, Tribisha has always been determined to defy the odds that have been stacked against her since birth.

Tribisha’s mother was determined for her daughter to get an education, but the medical bills associated with her spina bifida made school fees a prohibitive factor. Little Sisters Fund started sponsoring Tribisha in 2011, when she was 10 years old. Now 16 years old, Tribisha is an inspiration to disabled girls throughout Nepal. Very determined to excel at school, Tribisha passed the School Leaving Certificate exam in First Division and was awarded the “Disabled Student Genius Award” on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities in December.

Tribisha didn’t stop at her award. She is an avid writer and recently completed her first novel, Niruta, in Nepali. The short fiction novel follows the story of young girl in Nepal and addresses the many challenges she faces. With the help of LSF, Tribisha will be able to publish this novel very soon.

Tribisha has exceeded the expectations set for her when she was born with spina bifida and she continues to break all sorts of social barriers on a regular basis. She’s a great role model for all the girls, disabled or not, who come behind her, and she is determined to continue challenging the stereotype in Nepal, and beyond, that claims she cannot succeed due to her disability. We look forward to watching Tribisha continue to grow and achieve great things in her life!

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